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Comparison between the OtterBox Defender & Ballistic MAXX Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

Are you curious to know the difference and similarities between the Samsung Galaxy S3 OtterBox Defender Case and the Samsung Galaxy S3 Ballistic SG MAXX Case? We were too. Below is the video comparing the two most rugged cases for the Samsung Galaxy S III that are available on the market today. We compare not only the built of the cases and the layers, but also the size of the phone with the case on and off.

The chart below shows size comparison

Samsung Galaxy S3 without case with OtterBox Defender Case with Ballistic SG MAXX Case
Depth (inches)                   0.35                  0.61                 0.6
Width (inches)                   2.75                  3.0      2.98 or 3.1 (corners)
Length (inches)                   5.38                  5.65

     5.59 or 5.68 (corners)

Watch the video below to see the comparison in action





01/06/2015, 14:12

"This video doesn't address dropping the cases or any case tests. The guy measures the cases, gets the wrong measurements and states otterbox measurements incorrectly. Then in the ballistic measurements he doesn't do the same comparison as he did with on/off of cover that he did reviewing otterbox. Gez....
What is the purpose of this video? Dork reviewer wants attention!"

02/24/2014, 21:47

"Poor rating is for OtterBox. They have been good about warranty, but the same issues arise every time. Case stretches out after a short time and then you have problems getting it into and out of the holster. I have had two outer cases stretch so bad I wrap them with thin electrical tape, otherwise I end up breaking the holster trying to get them seated. Have no experience with Ballistic, but just about anything would be better than my experience with the Otter. I'm on my third outer case and third holster in about a 18 months."

05/22/2013, 22:40

"I got my S3 in September and my second Defender case is stretching again. Going to try Ballistic. Thanks for the comments."

05/07/2013, 14:02

"I've had this Ballistic Maxx since the S3 came out. I've taken it on camping trips and have dropped the phone several times without having any trouble. The screen cover has also saved the phone many times. The phone looks brand new without the case. Very happy. "

03/04/2013, 17:08

"I have the ballistic on an older Samsung phone. I am a truck driver and have dropped the phone from cab height on pavement and gravel several times over the years with no damage. I haven't tried the Otterbox but why change what I know works? "

01/15/2013, 23:18

"i used the otterbox defender for a couple months and didn't like it. i have been using the ballistic sg maxx and love it! "

12/17/2012, 16:09

"I purchased a Galaxy S3 in September, at the ssame time I purchased an Otterbox Defender. To date I am in need of my third defender due to the loosening of the outer silicon cover. This isn't my first time using Otterbox for a protector... worked great when they first arrived on the protector scene, however I went thru six Otterbox's with my last phone( Blackberry 9930)... same problem as present, loose silicon outer. Saturday I purchased the Ballistic SG MAXX>>>>>> so we'll see how it lasts.. Initial thoughts are positive...... Goodbye Otterboxx"

11/25/2012, 07:33

"Bought the Ballistic for Iphone but was disappointed that I could not plug in my auxiliary cable because the plastic whole covering the jack is too small and won't allow the plug to seat in fully. "

10/10/2012, 16:54

"I bought Otterbox Defender S3 like 2 months ago. At this time, the rubber cover is streched, just by itself. Going to try Ballistic."

09/29/2012, 17:16

"Tried both the Ballistic, and the OtterBox
Went with Ballistic
I loved the OtterBox on my HTC Inspire, but wasn't thrilled with the holes in the screen protector, and it's tendency to wiggle a little in the holster.
The ballistic screen protector also wasn't that great (ended up not using it), but the clincher was rock solid feel in holster (don't want to lose it on the motorcycle)
added bonus, I didn't have to notch the holster to access headphone jack."

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