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iGrip TRAVELER Kit Car Mount & Holder

iGrip TRAVELER Kit Car Mount & Holder - T1-1203

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Mnfg Part #: T5-1880


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Keep your hands on the Wheel and eyes on the Road when driving with this iGRIP Traveler+ kit. The sleek miniGripper Holder is adjustable and works with virtually all phones.

The TRAVELER Mount can attach to the windshield or to the top of the dashboard/center console. Thanks to the clever swivel-head the user can change between portrait and landscape position, and adjust to most any viewing angle in seconds.

What's included:

  • miniGripper (holder)
  • Mount (foldable)
  • Dashboard mounting disk
  • Alcohol pad

Warranty Information

1 Year

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12/18/2012, 17:21

"Works great for my HTC 8x, better than all the other mounts I've looked at or used in the past"

09/04/2012, 11:47

"Doesn't fit my Rezound with extended battery. But it works with my girlfriends incredible and is built very well."

01/27/2012, 10:29

"Seems like it should work just fine...I have it mounted next to the left windshield pillar where it doesn't obscure visibility."

05/08/2011, 01:02

"yes received"

03/10/2011, 17:22Timothy ODonnell

02/27/2011, 15:02george slyozberg

12/10/2010, 20:43

"This mount is an excellent choice. I have been using it for about a month and have no issues or problems with it. It performs exactly as advertised. "

10/29/2010, 10:44Jo Hoch

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