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Samsung Galaxy S3 OtterBox Defender Case Review


We took this case for a test with a real phone. Watch the drop test video below.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 has to be the hottest smartphone around the world and that fact does not look like it will be changing anytime soon. I am sure that you will all agree that the cost of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is not anything you can laugh at. It is down right expensive. Even if you get a 2 year agreement, the Samsung Galaxy S3 can run you, up too $400. That is a lot of money for a smartphone, so the smartest thing you can do is protect it. There is a lot of different Samsung Galaxy S3 cases that you can buy, but when you want total protection and peace of mind then your only option is the Otterbox Defender Case for the Samsung Galaxy S3.


Samsung Galaxy S3 OtterBox Defender Case layers


Just like all other Otterbox Defender Cases, the one for the Samsung Galaxy S III breaks down into four pieces. The outer rubber, shock absorbing layer that wraps around the two inner hard shell pieces with a built-in screen protector. Otterbox knows that a built-in screen protector is optimal for maximum screen protection. Since the screen protector on the Otterbox Defender Case for the Samsung Galaxy S III is built-in, it is thicker than a regular screen protector that is sold separately. The built-in screen protector is just tichker and tougher. End of story.


OtterBox Defender Case for Samsung Galaxy S III


Now, the next best thing about the Otterbox Defender Case for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is that it comes with a belt clip holster. To me it is not just something that someone could use on their belt. I have found that it also works well on my car sun visor while I drive and I have seen women who clip the holster on their pocket books. The belt-clip can also act as a kickstand (see product video for more info). Those are a few examples of the convenience of the included holster. Of course it also works awesome on a belt.


OtterBox Defender over Samsung Galaxy S III with Belt Clip


Once you have your Samsung Galaxy S3 inside the Otterbox Defender Case and snug in the belt clip holster you can see how well protected it really is. There are not to many Samsung Galaxy S3 cases out there that can provide this kind of protection, and not to many companies out there with the Otterbox reputation of excellence.


Check out the video that we made. It happens to be a Samsung Galaxy S3 (a real phone) dressed in the Otterbox Defender Case and we take it for a drop test. Watch what happens next.



12/02/2014, 23:06

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06/04/2014, 21:51

"I have a hard plastic, silicone something shock proof case, that came with the phone as a freebie, and i have a nerve disorder and drop , slam, punt, on hardwood and tile floors, and grocery stores, and parking lots, and not one thing has happened to the S3 phone. My name is Karen, and I abuse my phone. I have unwillingly been abusing my poor phone for a year, now. I honestly PANIC each and every time it slams to the floor, My heart stops and I get nausea when I hear that sound and I see it on the floor. Always face down.(?)...Then breakout in a sweat picking it up, slowly turning it over, holding my breath, and whew! it's ok. Really? It's not busted up? I can't believe it!" i guess i should stick with my case i have. and buy something else. thanks for letting me vent..
You know mine is in better condition than that dude's otterbox in the video!! I have always wanted an otterbox, i cannot stop thinking about it, but not after the reviews. my husband loves his for his iphone5. do you think there is a difference in cases fit for a particular phone? You know his belt holster clip thingy is always breaking and he gets me to find him replacements quite often. nuff said. by all.l tc, and answer my questions if you can, please. Thank you,

06/18/2013, 02:44

"Great case but if you have a defender try not to take off the rubber case a lot just leave it on or it might become loose if you do. Bought mine from best buy for $29.99 plus tax because I showed the best buy website price and matched it at the register. Just show them the price on the website from your phone and boom save $20.00 plus from retail they go for $49.00.
So save YOUR MONEY AND TIME. Plus no waiting for it coming in the mail. Worth getting since the phone (galaxy S3) cost a lot of $$$."

06/11/2013, 16:13

"Two complaints the silocone case stretches and becomes loose fitting worse the bvelt clip will pop off often when one stands up particularly when getting out of a low car and the clip has locked itself in a open position
It needs to be provided with a belt loop that cant come off when one is active it tends to pop off"

05/29/2013, 23:53

"At first I was very pleased with my otterbox until about three months of having it. The outer silicone layer gets extremely loose fitting. I contacted otterbox customer service and was sent a new one, sad to say that the new one is doing the same :(. Other than that the case was great."

05/24/2013, 17:23

"I bought my Samsung Galaxy SIII in September, 2012. The day I bought it I also bought an Otterbox Defender to protect it. I was initially happy with the case knowing that if I did drop my phone it would be protected. The case protected against scratches on the screen and it kept my phone looking brand new. Then, it happened. The day I dreaded. I was taking my phone off the top of my car with some other small bags and somehow the phone slipped and fell to the ground. My initial reaction was panic but I knew it had an Otterbox protecting it so my panic was not that bad. When the phone hit the ground it hit on the upper left corner, spun a little, the top of the case came off and the phone landed on it's back, still inside the bottom part of the case. When I picked up the phone and front cover I was just going to place the cover back on but I tried to turn my phone on and noticed the screen did not work in the upper left section. That is when I started to panic. After closer inspection, I noticed that the glass was not harmed; it was the actual display that had cracked. After many times of trying to get the phone to work properly, I gave up. My first drop of the phone and it broke, in a case I thought would have protected it. So now I have a new looking phone with a broken display. The Otterbox Defender has failed me. Never again will I buy an Otterbox for any other device I own. I plan on telling people my experience and hope they hear it before making the decision to buy an Otterbox. I inquired with Otterbox what kind of product protection that is guaranteed (product meaning my phone) and they said that they would replace the case once I provide pictures with a date on it. Now, what good will a case do me if my phone is ruined and I can no longer use it. I have to go back to my much older phone and wait a year and 3 months before I am eligible for an upgrade. I am very disappointed with Otterbox. "

02/27/2013, 18:24

"My biggest gripe about the case is the fact that the inner shell is near IMPOSSIBLE to pry open. I'm surprised nobody else has mentioned this"

01/26/2013, 10:30

"The phone does not look like a. Samsung s3. Why is it square? Fishy"

01/20/2013, 23:34

"Case itself seems ok but dust, lint, dirt etc. gets under "screen protector" and rubs against the screen which damages the surface of the phone screen it is meant to be protecting!

Nice try but ultimately a fail!"

12/18/2012, 09:48

Otterbox damaged phones!
the damage shown in the photos was determined from the case Otterbox!
And the Company not respond!"

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