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Samsung Galaxy S3 OtterBox Defender Case

Samsung Galaxy S3 OtterBox Defender Case
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The OtterBox Defender for Galaxy S3 is one of OtterBox's toughest offerings. The Defender offers three layers of protection (with the addition of the optional holster) that should put your mind at ease when it comes to accidentally damaging your S3. The first layer of the Galaxy S3 OtterBox Defender case is made from poly-carbonate plastic. The inner shell is a snap-on case, securely protecting the S3 body while also protecting the display with a built-in screen protector. The second layer of protection is provided by the TPU that fits over the inner poly-carbonate shell. The included holster is strong, and capable of taking plenty of abuse. The holster has a swivel clip on the back that can also be locked into place and used as a kickstand. Quality protection and convenience.

S3 in holster

Front with S3

Separate layers without S3

The TPU has attached plugs to cover the 3.5 mm headphone jack and data port to protect them from dust when you are not using them. The volume rocker and power button are covered by raised shields. The speaker and both cameras are free at all times. The Defender Case by OtterBox offers top of the line protection for those that need something more than your average single layer case. The included holster offers an optional, yet valuable third layer of protection. The Galaxy S3 OtterBox Defender is available in several color designs, including: Black, Atomic, Reflection, Boom, and Glacier.  

volume rocker and 3.5 mm jack

Plugged data port

Packaging and multiple colors

Case Features

3 inches
0.64 inches
5.6 inches
Tough Case
  • 1st layer - Polycarbonate Hard Shell 1st layer - Polycarbonate Hard Shell
  • 2nd layer - Hard Rubber Silicone 2nd layer - Hard Rubber Silicone
  • Yes Yes
  • Swivel Swivel
  • Detachable Detachable
  • Plastic Plastic
  • Yes, on the belt clip Yes, on the belt clip

Warranty Information

1 Year

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10/17/2012, 20:30John Fay

10/15/2012, 18:21


09/23/2012, 17:47Antonio Gonzalez

09/10/2012, 02:14

"The product arrived on time and as described by the seller. Contacting customer service is a breeze. The"

08/30/2012, 12:18

"Problems in Finland only"

08/29/2012, 15:55

"Great case but a bit bulky. "

08/29/2012, 15:44

"Case is rugged fits perfect, ended up breaking clip within a week though

08/29/2012, 13:00Brandon Kenchanh

08/29/2012, 12:33

"I love my case and my order was filled and shipped in a timely manner thanks"

08/29/2012, 12:22

"Great product at a great price and fast shipping."

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